Boaz left his jacket at my house a couple of days ago. I went to hang it up and it smelled just like him. I draped it across my pillow and laid my head on it last night. His fragrance was so prevalent that it was as if he were there. I wasn’t able to have his physical touch. I couldn’t tangibly reach out and put my hands on him or feel his embrace, but the aroma from his clothing provided a blanket of security equivalent to the feeling I have when I am in his presence.
I said that to say if we are able to experience our natural senses triggering our brains to convince us of something, how much more can the heart of a man (the spirit of God) be triggered by something as pure and natural to a believer as Worship. That’s what the spirit of the Lord revealed to me on last night while I was laying on that jacket. I can’t reach out with my physical hands and touch Jesus. He has no physical arms to reach out and take me into a loving embrace, but when I WORSHIP Him I usher in His presence. And when His presence fills a room, there’s a sweet fragrance and aroma that saturates the atmosphere. Those same feelings I was experiencing in the natural, are magnified even greater in the spiritual when WORSHIP is invoked. Try worshiping the God of your salvation just for being GREAT and TERRIBLE! Try bowing down in humble adoration of HIS MAGNIFICENCE. Try lifting your hands in total surrender to the AWESOME POWER of HIS AUTHORITY. Go ahead and open your mouth and begin to declare HIS HOLINESS. I guarantee you, you will feel His touch. You will feel his embrace. You will smell the sweet aroma of His presence. You will hear His voice speaking into your spirit. You will taste and see that HE is good. You will know beyond all doubt that you are safe,protected, comforted and loved. You will experience a peace like none other.
Yeah, believe it or not I received all of that from the cologne in my boyfriend’s jacket and this morning I get to work and Marsha Burns delivers this proclamation:

In the midst trials and tribulation the safest way out of your dilemma is to worship. And, I say to you that now is the time for you to come into My presence with thanksgiving in your heart and worship in the beauty of holiness. Let your heart become spellbound at the glory and majesty you will behold. Leave your troubles behind, rise above the works of the flesh, and come into My presence, says the Lord. Come to Me, My beloved; come!
1 Chronicles 16:29 Give to the LORD the glory due His name; bring an offering, and come before Him. Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!


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