God Inspired


I was having some alone time with the Lord this morning on my drive to work.  Sometimes that’s the best time with the Lord just you and Him and you are oblivious to all outside influences.  I began to worship Him in song with this song that I learned years ago and never found out the artist of it nor have I ever heard it played on the radio but the lyrics are, ” We lift our hands, we lift our voices, we honor You, we give You glory, we adore You, we extol You, we worship You, You are the Lord, we love You, You are the Lord.” It’s a beautiful worship song and as I sat in my car I just began to worship the Lord simply for who He is and I began to exhort with such a great passion for His Holy presence.  It’s the greatest gift to be able to be in the presence of the Lord Almighty.  There’s nothing more therapeutic.  It is in these moments where I am able to confess my sins before God and ask for His cleansing so that I can continue to go further into His presence.  I thank God for this morning’s experience.  I am refreshed, renewed, and revived for today’s test, for surely there will be one or two or more.  Have Your way Lord!

As I continued my drive, I began to see in the spirit an audience of women and I was on a platform worshipping just as I was in the car-through song and exhortation.  The exhortation was pertinent because there was a demonic spirit in the atmosphere and the declaration was that I could not go any further with ministering God’s word (keeping with the assignment He had given to me) until the principalities were gone.  The spirit of the Lord continued to express Himself through me with exhortation declaring that the meaning behind resisting the Devil is not simply ignoring him.  Resisting the Devil is casting him out by the authority given to us as believers.  He (Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit) has given us power to tread upon serpents and nothing by any means can harm us. This is the confidence we walk in as believers and with this understanding we resist the demonic influence in any atmosphere.  We take charge of an atmosphere, not ignore it.  That is how you resist the Devil and he has to flee. There was a liberty that you could literally feel come over the room and the Spirit of the Lord continued to speak specifically to the broken-hearted that He knows your pain and He wants to bring healing.  You’ve got to trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.  You’ve only trusted Him with a portion of your heart, but He’s requiring ALL of your heart.  He has a remedy and a plan that far exceeds your imagination.  The spirit of the Lord continued to declare that your wisdom and your knowledge is not enough.  You must operate in My wisdom and My knowledge- lean not unto your own understanding, but in ALL your ways- in everything that you do, in everything that you say, in everything that you think, in every place that you go, and with everyone that you relate to or are in relationship with, acknowledge ME (the Lord Jesus Christ) and the promise is that I (the Lord) will direct your paths.  Trust in Me.

A spirit of worship arrested the room because at least one individual made the choice to trust in the Lord with their entire heart.  The healing had begun and it was evident in that room.  One decision led to one’s healing.  We began to praise the Lord for healing the broken-hearted.  Jesus is the best manager of life’s circumstances, especially matters of the heart.  He did create our hearts with the capacity to love and to forgive.  I shared with you today what I know in my heart was God-given.  Someone needed to read it and know that He’s with you in this season and He has the answer.  Trust Him, completely.


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