Long Overdue


It’s been forever since I’ve written a note. Partly because I’ve been consumed with activities that don’t involve interaction with people. I seem to flourish very well in those types of activities, but that’s not what I was created to do.
I love to express with great passion the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ. This morning I was sharing with a colleague an experience I had at a theatrical program . All I did was say the title of the program, The Four Women Who Loved Him, and something stirred within me and she felt it too. I began to recall the words of the play and the experiences of those four women who were all in love with Jesus, each of them for different reasons. It struck a cord in me because I love the Lord with my entire being. I don’t ever want to know life without Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is so much more than a Savior. He’s my friend, my confidant, my strength, my hope, my power, my wisdom, my understanding, my illumination, my comforter, my teacher, my deliverer,my healer, my lover. He’s so real to me and I adore Him immensely. Just writing about Him brings tears of joy and a state of peace to me. Who else can do that? I’ve found no one, but honestly after you’ve found Him why search for another.
Jesus you are my everything. I bow down to you in humble adoration and my declaration of your presence in my life is long overdue.
Forever yours,


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