Water Only Washing Hair Method-week 4 challenges


I am on day 33 of my water only washing method with sebum as conditioner.  This is my 4th week and it was by far the most challenging.  It started with Sunday’s prep day of scalp massaging, scritching (light scratching of scalp to loosen dead cells and debris), preening (distributing sebum from the scalp to the tips of the hair strands), and twisting.  It was my brilliant idea to flat twist my hair for the week because I thought it would be a bit more stylish than the 2 strand twists.  It wasn’t!


I also found it difficult to massage my entire scalp as well as preening.  The ends of my hair were tucked neatly away within the flat twists; there was no way to get to them without taking my hair down.  I continued the week massaging what parts of my hair I could and water washing nightly.  My scalp was unusually dry so by Wednesday I decided to take my hair down because I just wasn’t happy with it.  To my surprise the ends of my hair were so dry and thirsty that I just wanted to cut them off because they looked a mess.  I was shocked and bewildered as to what was going on with my hair.  Why didn’t my ends get any of the water and why was my scalp so dry?  My first thought was that I needed to deep condition.  So I sectioned my hair and grabbed My Honey Child’s OIive You Deep Conditioner concentrating only on the ends.


My ends felt better after the dc,so I twisted my hair for the evening, opted out of the bagging (because my hair was still damp) and went to sleep.  The next morning those twists were unbelievably dry and my hair was hard.  I was baffled at this point as to what was going on.  I took the twist out and sported a DRY twist out to work.  Image

By mid day my hair was feeling a slight bit better, but my face was feeling strange.  I snapped a picture of myself mid day thinking how glowingly beautiful my skin looked  with no make up (foundation) and all the time it was sebum on my face!  I had to wipe my face several times during the afternoon because the sebum was creating a film on my skin which is why I have now developed a small section of acne on my forehead.


I was lost as to what was going on.  There is sebum on my face so I am clearly producing more than I need so why is my hair dry?Thanks to a fellow youtuber Lovingdeenaturally, she shared that maybe I needed to clarify my hair.  I have been faithful to the daily water washes since I started this method and by the 3rd week I had plenty of sebum and my ends were fully coated.  It wasn’t until Lovingdeenaturally brought up clarifying that I realized I have too much sebum on my hair and it is preventing moisture from getting into my hair strands.  Too much sebum production can also cause acne which is why my forehead now has pimples and my face feels oily all of the time.  Now a BB brush to my hair daily would have probably prevented this from happening, but I am not ready to brush out my coils.  I haven’t used a comb or a brush in over a year and I am not about to start, so my resolution was to try and strip some of the sebum.  I did an ACV rinse (1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water ) applying it to my scalp and distributing it down the strands of my hair. My sebum coated hair felt very different with the acv than it normally does with water.  It didn’t feel like it was stripping away the sebum, it felt like it was penetrating my strands and giving my hair moisture from the inside.  I can’t really describe it, but my hair didn’t feel stripped, it just started feeling soft and moisturized.  

I wasn’t sure how my hair was going to respond to the acv so I had a back up plan just in case things went left. I call it my Banana Protein Hair Shake (1 overly ripe banana, 1 tbsp raw honey, 1 egg, 1 tbsp castor oil).  I blended the ingredients in my Rocket Blender for a smooth and creamy consistency, and it smelled great.  I’m glad I made the shake because after I applied the acv rinse my curls were gone!  My hair was just a frizzy fro, so I applied the shake and my hair responded immediately.  Below are pictures showing one side of my hair with just the acv rinse and the other side with the acv rinse and the shake on top of it.  The bottom pictures is the shake applied to my entire head.  I covered with 2 plastic caps and left on for 30 minutes. ImageImage


I rinsed out the shake and acv under warm water.  Even after the treatment was removed from my hair, I still had sebum.  I separated my hair and preened and rinsed and preened and rinsed…you get the picture.  I shook off the access water and behold my NAKED hair.  I’m naked and it feels so good!


My hair is strong, thick, and healthy.  My growth since being on this water only method has been phenomenal. This week, although challenging, has been insightful as well.  It’s a journey and like all the other methods I’ve tried, there will be times when you don’t understand what you’re doing wrong.  

My take away from this week:

  • Guidelines are great, but pay attention- I got caught up with massaging, scritching, preening, and washing.  I wasn’t listening to my hair and Ole Flo spoke up!
  • Water and sebum are not enough for the health and wellness of my hair- do I need product?  No, but what I may need is probably right in my kitchen.  DIY clarifying mixtures, protein treatments, and conditioners that are all natural will benefit just as well as the chemically preserved products!
  • Too much sebum production is equally as problem-some as too little sebum production- the sebum was coating and protecting my strands which is what sebum does.  However, too much coating prevents necessary moisture from getting into the hair strands and may lead to acne, sebaceous gland infections, sores in the scalp, cysts and other like problems.
  • It’s a journey- this is my personal journey to health and wholeness.  My goal is to only put the most natural and earth-produced substances in my hair.  It’s also my goal to do that physically….pray for me cuz the fat girl in me loves sweets. Nevertheless, it’s a process and there will be joys and disappointments; confusion and then clarity; and at the end my hope is to have lived, learned, and loved every moment of my journey.

Here is how Ole Flo turned out today.  She looks and feels great.





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