I purchased this kit to use on my teenage daughter’s hair. She gets her hair straightened once a year…every Easter. This year Shea Moisture offered a kit that would aid in the process of taking her hair from it’s naturally coily/kinky state to straight and I was excited.  The kit contains 4 items (shampoo, rinse out conditioner, straightening treatment, and a weekly hair/scalp treatment).  Each item is 4 oz and after 2 weeks of I only have shampoo left.  I did go and purchase a full size bottle of conditioner and the hair glosser.

We started applying the shampoo first as instructed.  Because I wanted to keep a journal of this process her hair was done in a chair so I could photograph my processes. I sectioned her hair, wet it and applied the shampoo.  The fragrance was really nice and the consistency of the shampoo was creamy and silky. The shampoo had great slip too so detangling was done at this stage.


 Image Image

You could tell from the photos that the shampoo immediately tamed her frizzy hair.  After rinsing out the shampoo we went to the next stage…the “treatment”.  Out of everything in the kit, this was my least favorite.  The smell was awful, like a bad perm.  It smelled liked chemicals and I was afraid to put it on her hair, but I did all my research on this product and was certain that we were not relaxing her hair.  For the density of her hair the treatment had to remain in her hair for 40 minutes.  



After rinsing out the treatment and shampooing her hair again, her hair looked exactly the same as it did before putting it in so I was unsure it worked.


 The next step was to apply the rinse out conditioner.  I fell in love with this conditioner and went out to purchase the 8 oz bottle because it was AMAZING.  It too smells great, it’s rich and creamy with great slip.  It was too good to rinse out, but I followed the directions and did so.





This is her hair with the rinse out conditioner.  It was tangle free and tamed!  You can also see that her curl pattern has loosened.  She normally has a tightly/coiled pattern, especially in the back of her hair.  I really could have slapped some gel in at this point and gave her the bomb wash n go, but she insisted I blow it out.






The real test came during the blow dry session which normally takes 2 hours or more, not with this kit! I was able to blow dry her hair in under 40 minutes and it was so soft that I thought it was coated with something. Not only was it soft, but it was straight…from root to end. I did apply a heat protectant before blow drying each section.  I always use the tension method with her hair.


Her hair was so straight that I turned down the setting on the flat iron from my usual 400 degrees to 350 degrees. It wasn’t necessary to add that much heat to her hair and proceeded to flat iron.  I added the gloss after and a little goes a long way.  


Her hair remained straight, shiny, soft, and holding the curls for an entire week.  No additional heat was added to her hair, it wasn’t necessary. The night time regimen consisted of rolling it with satin covered rollers every other day.  In prior years her blow outs would not last beyond 2 days. The fact that her hair on day 7 looks as great as it did on the 1st day is unbelievable. This product is a keeper. 

I did make the decision to keep her hair straight for 4 weeks because the kit states that it will take 4 weeks for your hair to naturally revert back.  One week after applying the kit, we applied the weekly hair/scalp treatment from the kit and allowed it to sit in her hair for 40 minutes according to the density of her hair.  We shampooed and there was no heat damage.  I didn’t want to take any chances so I conditioned her hair, but left it in overnight in twists to get a bit of a deep conditioning.  The next morning it was rinsed out and blow dried (took less than 30 minutes).  Another You Tuber used these products and shared that they used the glosser as a heat protectant.  I decided to do the same thing and applied one spray pump to each section of hair before blow drying. Her hair was so straight that I turned the heat setting down to 300 on the flat iron and only had to do one pass for each section.  I did not add any additional glosser, it was not necessary.  Her hair has amazing sheen, bounce, softness and it is so healthy.  Her hair held curls so well this week that our only night time regimen has been to pineapple her hair.  I only just rolled it last night (4 days since washing). Below are pictures of her hair today after taking down the rollers.  




  1. Deidra

    Oh my goodness!!!!! Those last few pics at the end completely took me by surprise. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I may buy this for my daughter. She wants her hair straight but she’s obliging me by wearing it curly…she likes it curly but I think deep down she wants her straight hair. I do want to see, though, how well her natural curl pattern springs back. Thanks so much for sharing this my friend…absolutely beautiful!!!!

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