You think you’ve let it go and you’re over it and then…a feeling pops up or a thought comes to your mind and not a good one; or words come out that you can not take back.  I have been struggling with forgiving some individuals who should be dear to me, but I’d prefer if they weren’t even in my life.  That’s my reality at times and it is only the power of God that helps me to overcome those feelings.  I refuse to be held a prisoner to un-forgiveness.  Forgiveness is bigger than them and it’s certainly bigger than me.  It’s what I receive daily from the God of the universe through Jesus the Christ, son of the living God.

When I think about how much He has forgiven me and still forgives me, it only humbles me.  I love humility and I love it when it’s being produced in me.  No more will I be shackled by what was done or not done to me or against me.  No longer will I be a prisoner in my mind and hold them hostage to my stronghold.  Today I release them and all of the terrible things that have been done.  Today I take back my freedom and walk in the liberty wherein Christ has made me free.  Today I say, I forgive you.

Now what?  Where do I go from here?  I go into my prayer closet.  I begin to earnestly pray for those who have hurt me, those who violated me, those who lied to me, those who left me, those who failed me and those who gave up on me.  Today, by the leading of the Holy Spirit I am empowered to pray for you and will cease not to do so until a change takes place.  I know this is an undertaking, but I am strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ to see this through.  I am inspired by the multiple testimonies I have heard concerning the power of prayer not only to change the circumstance, but to also change me.

A change must take place in my life in order to see this task through because liberty smells so much better than bondage.  I want to stay free and I can not change my mind again about this stance.  I want salvation for those individuals of whom I have given way too much power over my life.  I want deliverance for them and for them to know this freedom in Christ Jesus.  Praying for them like I pray for myself and my situation is the only way they are ever going to experience newness in Christ Jesus.


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