Water Only Hair Washing (for the next 3 months)


My hair needs a break from manipulation so I am returning to the Water Only Hair Washing Method until September.

mudpooclementineThe Mud-Poo is an all natural cleanser and helped to clarify my scalp and mini twists that have been in for 7 days.bananahairmask

I deep conditioned with this all natural product and steamed my hair for 30 minutes to have the product penetrate my strands.  I slept in the d.c. and rinsed it out in the am.  My regimen will consists of daily water rinsing in the a.m.

WOHW1WOHWDay1 Day 1 of the WOHW method- I rinsed out all of the deep conditioner from my hair this morning. I rinsed in the shower with my head upside down. This will keep my hair from frizzing so much on the top since my twists are already 9 days old.

This is day 10 of the mini-twists and my sebum is coming in nicely.  Day 10

Day 13 Day 13 of the mini twists and they are beginning to loc. I will use Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In to remove them and water rinse.

It was a 2 hour take down process and I didn’t have the energy to re-twist into mini twists so a twist out will be the style. It was a fail because the leave in conditioner stripped my sebum.twistout twistout1.

My hair fro’d out by the end of the day and the mini twists had to be reinstalled.twistout2

The twists are back and it took 3 hours on dry stretched hair.    stripped

Water rinsed this morning and the twists have really gotten thicker and longer in 14 days



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